Is it save to drink half cup of 'kADHA' daily?

Is drinking 'KADHA' is good for health.

Drinking Kadha is very good for health kadha increases the immune system of our body. 'Kadha' is very helpful for our health take half cup of kadha once a day it is fully save. Consuming 'Kadha' also keeps the body fine even in winter cold it decreases the cough. As of nowadays, all are struggling with covid-19 at this time it is very important to increase immune system of our body kadha plays one of the best role to increase immunity system of our body.

As per we all know that the covid-19 vaccine has not yet been released and many patients have been affected by this. As per doctors consolation, if the immune system of the body is good it can avoid by having corona. So increasing immunity is very important not only for corona but also for keep our body healthy and active. Individual of any age can drink the kadha.

Exercise is also the best way to boost immune system it is also very useful for our health. Doing regular ex…

| parents sad story|Children leave |

There was a man named Salman he used to live with his family in Delhi, Janakpuri. His wife name is Neha and he also has a son and one daughter his son's name is Rittik  and daughter Priya they both study in the 10th standard. Salman used to spend most of the time with their child's  their family was very happy together.
Salman is very rich in money, he is not short of money he also has his own company R.N construction. His company is running very well and he is very happy about his company he had a total of 150 employees and it has its own factories in many cities. Salman is very fond of flowering he had bought a separate land for flowering, in which he used to go for flowering every sunday. Sometimes he also would take his children to show them a flower garden and they spend some time doing the discussion about the flowers.
Rittik and Priya have gone to class 11th standard after passing class 10 they both are in commerce stream. They both decided what they wanted to become when…

Real Love Story

PART:-1 (The story of a boy who belongs from poor family)
I am going to share with you about one real story of a boy.The boy name is Yuvraj he is 16 years old he is living with his family in Bihar. His father is a plumber and his mother is a maid they both work hard to run their family. Yuvraj  was in 10th standard and he is very good in studies and also won a lot of medals and certificates in sports. He always focus on his studies to make his and his family future bright. His family is very poor. Sometimes it happens that they to sleep without having their foods but then also they keep smiling and happy together.
Due to lack of education in Bihar his father send him to Assam after passing class 10 to complete his graduation. In Assam he lives in Guwahati and he has taken admission into K.C.Das commerce college to complete his graduation. He has started working hard on his studies because he know that his parents work hard to send him to this college.To do more better in his studies he …